Upper Deck Celebrates Boston Bruins’ Century with Exclusive Centennial Card Set

Hockey fans, rejoice! Upper Deck, the renowned sports card company, is paying homage to the Boston Bruins, one of the most iconic franchises in the history of sports. To celebrate the Bruins’ 100th anniversary, Upper Deck is set to release a special boxed set that will send collectors into a frenzy. Scheduled to hit the shelves on Wednesday, December 6, the Upper Deck Boston Bruins Centennial Box Set is a collector’s dream, complete with base cards, chase elements, and the chance to find autographs of legendary players.

The box set includes a comprehensive base set of 100 cards, showcasing a curated mix of the Bruins’ legendary players and the current stars who continue to write the team’s storied history. From Bobby Orr’s unmatched skill on the ice to the electrifying performances of today’s stars like Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand, this set truly captures the essence of the Boston Bruins through the decades.

Adding to the excitement, collectors will find five different types of inserts and parallels. Each base card is available in two parallel versions: yellow and gold spectrum. These beautiful variations enhance the aesthetic appeal of the set, making it even more desirable for collectors. A standard box will typically contain three yellow parallels, one gold spectrum, and one insert card, keeping the element of surprise alive with each pack opened.

The insert set, aptly named “Beantown Classics,” pays tribute to 20 of the greatest Bruins players from various eras. Featuring stunning photography and captivating design, these cards highlight the achievements and impact of legends such as Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, and Ray Bourque. Fans can relish the memories of moments that have forever etched themselves into the fabric of Boston Bruins history.

However, the true gems of this centennial box set are the autographed cards. A whopping fifty current and former Bruins players have signed cards exclusively for this special release. From the autograph of a present-day Bruins star to securing the elusive signatures of legendary players like Bobby Orr, Rogie Vachon, or Ray Bourque, collectors will experience an unparalleled thrill with each pack opened. These autographs are included in only one out of every ten sets, making them a rare and highly sought-after treat for fans and collectors alike.

For die-hard Bruins fans and hockey enthusiasts, this centennial box set is a must-have collectible. Priced at around $50 per set, it offers an opportunity to own a piece of hockey history and celebrate the enduring legacy of the Boston Bruins. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or a passionate collector, this exclusive release from Upper Deck is sure to captivate and excite the hockey community.

So mark your calendars for Wednesday, December 6, and get ready to join the celebration of a century on ice. The Upper Deck Boston Bruins Centennial Box Set is the ultimate tribute to a legendary team and a testament to the passion that hockey fans hold in their hearts. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of history and bask in the glory of the Boston Bruins’ journey over the past 100 years.


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