Joe Namath’s Rookie Card Photo Fetches Six Figures at Auction

At a recent auction held by Goldin Co., a 1965 Original Type 1 Photo of Joe Namath was sold for an astonishing $197,640. This iconic photo, which was used to create Namath’s rookie card, not only set a new record for Type 1 football photos but also showcased the enduring legacy of the legendary quarterback in the world of sports memorabilia.

The 1965 photo holds immense value in the collecting world, as it is an integral part of the highly sought-after Topps Namath rookie card. Its remarkable sale price at the November Elite Auction underscores its significant worth in the realm of sports collectibles.

Alongside the Namath photo, the Goldin Co. auction featured several other remarkable items that garnered attention from collectors:

– A 1967 Type 1 photo featuring dual signatures of Muhammad Ali and Wilt Chamberlain was sold for $17,080. This photograph captures two sports legends during a promotional appearance for the “Wide World of Sports” fight.

– A Type 1 photo from Michael Jordan’s rookie year in 1984-85, autographed by the basketball superstar, also fetched $17,080. This photo holds significance as it represents the beginning of Jordan’s illustrious career.

– A 1994 Type 1 photo of Tiger Woods, taken during his high school graduation year when he became the youngest U.S. Amateur Championship winner, was auctioned for $7,595. This photo commemorates Woods’ early success in the world of golf.

The auction also included other notable Type 1 photos, capturing defining moments and figures in sports history:

– A Type 1 photo from 1988, taken by the New York Times, documents Michael Jordan’s historic back-to-back 50-point games in the NBA playoffs. This photo was sold for $6,100, highlighting the incredible talent and achievement of the basketball legend.

– A rare 1983 Type 1 photo captured the infamous “Pine Tar Game” involving George Brett, who was restrained from attacking the home-plate umpire with his alleged illegal bat. This unique photo fetched $4,574 and stands as a testament to the intensity of the game and the emotions it can evoke.

– A 1985 Type 1 photo from a Sports Illustrated shoot showcased Mike Tyson in trainer Cus D’Amato’s Catskills gym. This photo sold for $3,660, providing a glimpse into the early years of Tyson’s career and the environment that shaped him.

The sales at Goldin Co. highlight not only the rich history of sports photography but also the enduring fascination with sports memorabilia. These collectible items, such as the iconic Namath photo, serve as visual reminders of the moments and figures that have defined various eras in sports.


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