Celebrating Emmitt Smith: A 30th Anniversary Auction of Super Bowl Memorabilia

Three decades ago, Emmitt Smith made his mark in NFL history with a season that remains unparalleled. The Dallas Cowboys running back clinched the NFL MVP award, secured a Super Bowl championship, and took home the Super Bowl MVP honors. To commemorate this extraordinary year, eBay and Notable Live have joined forces to host an anniversary auction, offering fans and collectors a unique opportunity to own a piece of sports history.

The auction, set to open this Friday, is a tribute to Smith’s illustrious football journey. From his standout days as a high school athlete in Pensacola, Florida, to his record-breaking college career at the University of Florida, and his legendary tenure with the Dallas Cowboys, each item in the auction has been carefully selected to showcase significant milestones from Smith’s career.

Among the items available for bidding are the helmet Smith wore during his high school football career, symbolizing his early potential and passion for the game, and the jersey he wore in his final game at the University of Florida, representing the end of his collegiate dominance and the beginning of his professional legacy.

The auction also includes the football carried by Smith in Super Bowl XXVIII, leading to his MVP honors. Another highlight is a touchdown football from Super Bowl XXX, further cementing his status as a Super Bowl legend. Fans will also have the opportunity to bid on the game-used football from the moment Smith became the only player in NFL history to surpass 18,000 rushing yards, showcasing his endurance and skill.

Other notable items include the cleats Smith wore as he broke Walter Payton’s record for the most 100-yard rushing games, marking his place in history. A game ball from Smith’s unforgettable 237-yard game against the Eagles on October 31, 1993, where he set a single-game rushing record for the Cowboys, will also be available. Additionally, fans can bid on Smith’s uniform from his eighth and final Pro Bowl appearance, celebrating his career-long excellence.

The auction features various awards Smith earned throughout his career, highlighting his numerous achievements and contributions to the game. This collection is not just a celebration of Smith’s 30th anniversary of a seminal year but also a reflection of his journey from a high school sensation to an NFL legend.

Over the past couple of years, Smith has been sharing pieces of his career through auctions, but this event, timed to coincide with Super Bowl LVIII, is particularly special. It offers a comprehensive look at his remarkable career through memorabilia that fans can now own.

Mike Antonucci, co-founder and CEO of Notable Live, expressed his enthusiasm for the auction, stating, “We are excited to celebrate Emmitt’s career milestones by offering one-of-a-kind items to fans, exclusively on eBay.” This sentiment is echoed by Smith himself, who said, “I am proud of my accomplishments both as a football player and in my career as a businessman. I am excited to share my personal collection with my fans through this exclusive event with eBay.”

The auction promises to be a highlight for sports collectors and fans alike, providing a rare chance to acquire authentic memorabilia directly from one of the greatest running backs in NFL history. As bidding opens in the Notable Live eBay store, enthusiasts will have the opportunity to secure their own piece of football history, commemorating the legacy of Emmitt Smith and celebrating the enduring appeal of the sport.


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