Brock Purdy’s Ascension: Rookie Cards Soar as 49ers QB Shines

Brock Purdy, once dubbed “Mr. Irrelevant” as the last pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, is quickly gaining attention in the world of sports collectibles as he leads the San Francisco 49ers. This nickname, a nod to his draft position and a comparison to Tom Brady, another late draft pick, underscores his unexpected rise to prominence. Initially the third-string quarterback for the 49ers, Purdy was thrust into the limelight due to injuries to Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo, impressively showcasing his talent despite an injury that ended his rookie season.

Although the selection of Brock Purdy rookie cards is smaller compared to other top quarterbacks from his class, they are featured in many of the 2022 football products released towards the end of the collecting season. Collectors have a range of Purdy rookie cards to choose from, suiting various budgets and preferences. His cards include official Iowa State collegiate cards from Panini, some with on-card autographs, as well as several unlicensed prospect options.

Among the top Brock Purdy rookie cards are the 2022 Donruss Optic Rated Rookie and its Downtown insert, both popular for their chromium style and rarity. The 2022 Panini Black Purdy card, limited in its parallel lineup, features him in practice uniforms, a common theme in early cards. The 2022 Certified Football offers a limited design of 399 copies, while the Flawless Football variant, a super-premium product, is even more exclusive with only 20 copies.

Purdy’s card in the 2022 Mosaic NFL is an early favorite, and the 2022 Panini Prizm offers affordable options with value spikes in higher grades. The 2022 Panini Select Football provides two tiered base set cards of Purdy, and the 2022 Spectra Football card is another sought-after item, with all parallels numbered except for the Silver Prizm.

For collectors seeking autographs, Purdy’s rookie autograph cards take center stage. These include the 2022 Donruss Elite Turn of the Century Autographs, the Rated Rookie Autographs from Donruss Optic, and the Panini Black Rookie Autographs. The 2022 Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket and Contenders Optic Rookie Ticket both feature his sticker autograph. The 2022 Panini Encased offers on-card autographs, and the Flawless Football set includes several on-card autograph options.

Additional options for collectors include the 2022 Panini Illusions Rookie Signs, the Mosaic Autographs, and the highly-coveted 2022 National Treasures RPA, limited to 99 copies. The 2022 Panini Prizm and Spectra Football sets also offer attractive autograph options for Purdy enthusiasts.

As Brock Purdy continues to make waves in the NFL, his rookie cards, especially those with autographs and limited editions, are becoming must-haves for sports card collectors and fans of the San Francisco 49ers. The unpredictability of his ascent and his impressive performances on the field have fueled the popularity of his collectibles, making them highly sought after in the sports card market. Whether you are a fan of Purdy’s promising career or a collector looking for an investment opportunity, his rookie cards are certainly worth considering.


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